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Qizhenbi Jul 16

Present floor market good and evil people mixed up, at any time new product appears on the market, however a lot of consumer are right Wooden floor understanding does not follow to go up the development speed of the floor, him support often is when floor of choose and buy is subconscious the introduction with a few businessmen, think floor is good, howeves the fact like this? 
Use the floor board of rare wood, is quality better? 
Alleged content with rare for expensive, the floor price that uses rare wood to make tall, because these lumber grain are beautiful,basically be, and quantity little or because unripe long cycle is long,be. 
But, rare and beautiful the performance that does not represent lumber is better with respect to regular meeting. The quality of wooden floor basically depends on treatment craft, if treatment technology is bad, use rare wood to plant the wooden floor board that made wooden floor quality may return be not a patch on to use average capable person to pledge. Rare material does not advocate to pledge blindly when consumer choose and buy, and the property that should know lumber first, choose right brand again. In addition, the professional degree that the shop holds, later period maintains and the element such as after service also should consider inside. The orchid island Gong Qiangwei of floor of Er resembling shellfish is a classical longan real wood floor, air of exterior color elegance, price material benefit, and shellfish Er floor has many 100 service station to nod in the whole nation, if have need, the installation that can offer major for consumer maintains, having perfect after service. 
Real wood floor not wear-resisting? 
Traditional Real wood floor , the surface covered range of a lacquer only, wear-resisting is spent differ than compound floor really a few. But a lot of brands use all sorts of new technology such as face of titanium brilliant face, the 10 thousand lacquer that get degree now, raised the wearability of real wood floor substantially. The wearability of these real wood floors and compound floor are very adjacent, although wearing high-heeled shoes above walk, also won't fear its 
surface is ground to spend. Some businessmen to prove the wearability with him superior product, shop of floor of more real wood is in brand shop the ground, trample of the person that offer a choose and buy. 
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